Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've constructed a timeline of important events in Vizag's history, based on the Vizagapatam District Gazeteer by W. Francis. It gives some perspective on how the place developed and how different sets of people and rulers viewed and made use of the city.  It also helps me get to know the gaps in my knowledge.

I've had to list out the events in my timeline here, as I do not know how to export an excel timeline into the blog's format.

6th and 7th century BC

Visakha referred to in Brahmanical and Buddhist texts, assigned by Professors Macdonell and Rhys David to the 6th and 7th century BC

4th centry BC

Visakha referred to by Katyayana and Panini

260 BC

Ashoka conquers Kalinga; important because Vizag is believed to have been part of the Kalinga kingdom

6th century AD

Chalukyas conquer Kalinga; Vengi Kingdom established

1078 AD

Anantavarman-Choda-Ganga's 72-year rule begins -- (Inscriptions from this king found in Vizagapatam)

1089 AD

Simhachalam inscription of Koluttunga I of Chola dynasty confirms the success of his invasion of Kalinga

1267-68 AD

Ganga king, Narasimha I builds mukhamandapam, natyamandapam, enclosing arcade of Simhachalam temple

1385-86 AD

Inscription of Reddi kings of Kondavidu in Guntur dist. who penetrated to Simhachalam

1434-35 AD

Ganga king, Banudeva IV's minister usurps throne and establishes Gajapati dynasty

1515 AD

Krishnadevaraya invades Gajapati kingdom, halts at Simhachalam, sets up victory pillar at Potnuru


Mukunda Harichandana, a Telugu by birth, seizes the throne from the Gajapatis


Muslims of Golconda seize control of Harichandana''s territory -- the 5 Northern Circars

English get the Golden Firman for trade in the Sultanate of Golconda.


Dutch settlement at Bheemili


English settlement at Vizagapatam


Aurangazeb defeats Golconda kings; Northern Circars under Mughal rule, at least in name


Bussy appoints Ibrahim Khan as Faujdar of Chicacole.


Rebellion and defeat of Ibrahim Khan by Bussy


Captain Forde, sent by Clive, captures French dominated Northern CIrcars with help from Ananda Razu of Vizianagaram.


Clive obtains from the Mughal emperor a firman granting the 5 Northern Circars to the East India Company


Vizagapatam made capital of the district


Sepoys mutiny in Vizagapatam


Printing press set up in Vizagapatam


Smaller vernacular missionary schools closed; one central Anglo-vernacular school started, which eventually developed into a high school

REFERENCES: Francis, W.; Vizagapatam District Gazeteer; Asian Educational Services; first published, Madras 1907